Psychotherapy Services

At The Quest, the objective is to stabilize and balance the connections between the mind and the body. The services provided by The Quest give clients the opportunity to choose among several modalities to benefit them in their journey. BJ and Barbara are able to evaluate and communicate what services best suit your needs, so you can reach your goals. Clients may elect to utilize only mental health services, only massage therapy, or a combination of the two services.

Psychotherapy is a broad term used to define the therapeutic interface between professional and client(s). There are many techniques and variations of psychotherapy, most of which are reliant upon communication between the parties, known commonly as talk therapy. The purpose of psychotherapy is to increase the client’s sense of their own well-being and improve mental health.

Neurofeedback, also called neurobiofeedback, uses sensors placed on the scalp. The sensors collect information about the electrical activity of the brain. Often presented as games on a computer screen, the client participates in activities to train the brain and learn self-regulation. The brain activity display is called electroencephalography or EEG. Neurofeedback has been used successfully to treat issues as diverse as anxiety, AD(H)D, autism, addiction, head injury, and physical pain.

Hypnotherapy is another valuable tool used in psychotherapy to help heal the mind. Therapeutic hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, can be used for a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, habit disorders, insomnia, addiction, and eating disorders. Because hypnotherapy utilizes relaxation and breathing techniques along with suggestibility, it is applicable to many different issues including stress management, smoking cessation, weight loss, and physical pain management. At our hypnotherapy clinic, we practice all these treatments. Our hypnotherapy therapists will help you forget the stress and depression.

Dr. BJ Wheeler is trained to use neurofeedback and hypnosis as a part of her psychotherapy services. She can assist you in evaluating what services can help you to achieve your goals and find the motivation to change your life.

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